Free Planner Stickers Printable

Free Planner Stickers Sampler: Get 3 Full Sheets of Stickers

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Hey friends! Today I just wanted to share a free printable with you: free planner stickers! This is my first set, and I didn’t have much of a theme in mind aside from the color palette. So consider this freebie a grab bag for your planner. πŸ™‚

Each sticker is hand drawn to add a rustic, handmade touch to your planner (or journal) pages.

Free Planner Stickers Printable

Free Planner Stickers Printable

Need Sticker Paper?

These are affiliate links. I earn a small commission when you purchase items using my link, which helps me out a bunch. πŸ™‚


Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

I use frame mock-ups every day in product photos for my art prints and digital downloads. They make my workload infinitely lighter by not making me print and mat and frame and hang and photo every single piece I make. πŸ™‚

But the ones I’ve found were in odd sizes, at least for me. My watercolor paper is 9″ x 12″ (3:4 aspect ratio). I like to work at 8″ x 10″ (or another 4:5 aspect ratio) for digital.

Few files let you change the colors, and what if you’re feelin’ a bubblegum-pink mat?

So I’ve made my own frame mock-ups to suit those sizes. I loved making them and decided I would share the fully-editable .PSD files with you.

I will continue to update and add to this post as I make more frames. Check back soon!

Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

Below are two examples; first is the standard white the files come in, second is with the mat and frame customized. The download includes both portrait and landscape frames.

Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

Download the Files

A how-to and license are included in the download. I hope you find them useful and enjoy! As always, please follow me on social media for my daily art adventures, and subscribe to the newsletter for shop promo codes and other special offers. Thanks for reading!

Digital Painting Cheat Sheet

Digital Painting Cheat Sheet: Best Digital Painting Tutorials

I’ve spent countless hours of my precious life watching videos, reading blog posts, and generally researching digital painting techniques. I’m compiling all of the best information here in this blog post so that I might save someone else all those same hours. πŸ™‚

This post will be continually updated as I find new and/or better information. For example, I still have not found anyone who can make me understand the elusive art of turning blobs into beautiful fully-rendered paintings.

I watch, it seems like a simple premise, and then I just can’t seem to put it into practice lol. Maybe I’m too impatient. I DIGRESS.

Digital Painting Programs

Either purchase Photoshop or download Krita (a free & open source program). Both make equally beautiful paintings. Remember: practice is more important than equipment.


Get yourself some free Photoshop brushes:

Or purchase Kyle T Webster’s popular brush sets.

Get yourself some (obviously) free Krita brushes:

Digital Painting Tutorials & Tips


YouTubers to Follow

Sara Tepes because she is a lovely & talented digital painter (who uses Krita).
LavenderTowne because she has a quirky, comic-y style and a soothing voice.


Lastly, if you have anything to add or an artist I might include here, please comment below! I hope this saved you some time or brought you a little inspiration. As always, please follow me on social media for my daily art adventures, and subscribe to the newsletter for shop promo codes and other special offers. Thanks for reading!

Reframing Death in a Positive Light: Free Printable Wall Art

“Reframing”? See what I did there? You can groan, that’s fine. I would.

Now originally, I was searching for some Halloween-y quotes and poems for a little typography experiment. Once you get into ghosts, spirits, graveyards, ~nighttime~, etc., you eventually run into thoughts on death. While some leaned toward the more solemn or even depressive end of the spectrum, I found several quotes and poems on death that were really, really positive.

So positive in fact that I thought, “I would hang that on my wall as a lovely reminder in my most anxious moments.”

That may be odd to some people, or even “not helpful at all, Celia. Let’s stick to the candy and costumes and pretty leaves.” Fair enough, man, fair enough. I will hook you up next time, friend.

Take a look at the preview below, then find download instructions after the image.

Positive Death Quotes Celia AgnesFree Printable Wall Art Download

Choose a printable below, or all 3. πŸ™‚

Each is 8″ x 10.5″ at 300 DPI, so they will print out crisp and clear on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. They will have a quarter-inch border all around for easy matting. I highly recommend using quality, thick paper; like a card stock. If you have archival-quality ink in your printer, even better.

But, neither of those are necessary of course. If you like it, print it out & hang it up. Easy as that.

What the heck does that Latin mean?

You may be wondering what that quote from Horace means. “Pulvis et umbra sumus” means “we are dust and shadow.” I think that fits beautifully with the Carl Sagan quote “We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself,” which is one of my favorites.

I named the file in English so you won’t forget. πŸ˜€

Celia Agnes: Personal Growth for Creative Hearts

October 2016: Treats

You guessed it; this October’s theme is Treats. Now, before you roll your eyes (or if you already did – I see you back there), hear me out. I won’t be talking about just candy and snacks, but all the ways we reward ourselves and others. We’re gonna get deep into the treats. And candy, and snacks.

This page will serve as your dashboard for October, collecting all the prompts and free stuff that I share throughout the month in one neat space. Bookmark this page for later, and check back as often as you like.


I share both writing (Mondays) and art prompts (Fridays).

Working in journals has helped me immensely over the past few years. I am growing as a person, and my creativity flows easier. After writing a few paragraphs, making some lists, or washing colors over a page, I feel much lighter. My brain even likes to remind me when I’ve been skipping out on my journals, in fun ways like anxiety and irritability.

These prompts mix the serious in with the fun; you might as well make cute things while you soul-search.

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Art Journal Prompts

Art journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Free Goods

I think everyone likes a nice free thing, so I do my best to share stuff that you will actually want to print out and use. πŸ™‚ You can expect to see things like printable wall art, collage sheets, coloring pages, journal papers, etc.

Etsy Removes Treasuries

Etsy Removes Treasuries: An Opinion on the Decision

On September 21 Etsy announced that they have decided to remove Treasuries. Members cannot make new Etsy Treasuries nor edit existing ones as of October 5. “Buyer access points” will no longer link to the Treasuries page. Those Treasuries which already exist will not be deleted as of now.

What prompted Etsy to remove Treasuries?

Etsy said their decision to remove Treasuries has come partly because “data shows that few buyers view Treasuries, and even fewer purchase from them.”

The Etsy team also had this to say:

“We often hear from sellers that marketing is one of the hardest parts of running your shops. We will continue to invest in marketing tools to help you grow your creative business.”

What are Etsy sellers saying?

The comments section showed mixed emotions, but many Etsy sellers who were commenting expressed disappointment in the decision. One seller started a petition to keep Treasuries going. 1,953 people have signed the petition as of September 28.

This is in contrast to this discussion board. Many sellers here expressed they had no feelings toward the decision, or were glad to see Treasuries being removed. One seller provided that “out of 101,304 views, 126 were from treasuries” for her Etsy shop. That calculates to .001% of views.

My thoughts on Etsy removing Treasuries

So now we exit the news-y part of this post, and I’ll share my own thoughts on this. I am not a veteran Etsy seller. I’ve sold a few things, I would like to sell more. What I do love are functional websites, and thinking about what makes them functional and why. I like companies who (try) to do right by their customers.

And if you sell on Etsy, you are an Etsy customer. You pay Etsy every month to use their service. This brings me to my main point. I read several comments along the lines of “Etsy doesn’t care about sellers” and “Etsy only cares about their bottom line, not ours” etc.

Consider this: sellers are Etsy’s bottom line. The more sellers sell, the more money Etsy makes. As a company, there is no incentive to not give every single seller on their platform the best chance at sales they can. Did you catch that? The best chance at sales. Etsy, as a platform, can’t be and shouldn’t be responsible for selling your items. You are.

And effective marketing does not rely on Etsy Treasuries. More on that later.

A good company would, however, do their best to empower their vendors. Which is exactly what this change is attempting to do. If cold, hard data shows that shoppers don’t look at and rarely purchase from Treasuries, how are Treasuries helping sellers sell? They aren’t, for the majority.

So okay, maybe you buy from Treasuries. Maybe you’ve sold a few things from being featured in a Treasury. You might even know a whole handful of people who share this experience. As harsh as it is, a few personal experiences aren’t all that relevant when it comes to the millions of users on Etsy. Even those 1,953 signatures on that petition don’t stack up to data that encompasses millions.

“But Etsy should care about everyone!”

I also read comments similar to this outcry. “Etsy should cater to even this small number of people who use Treasuries.”

Alright, let’s walk through this scenario. Etsy listens to the vocal minority. They keep Treasuries around. Treasuries are now taking up the time (i.e. money) that was going to be spent on developing new, more effective marketing tools. You get to stay comfortable in your trusty Treasuries, but the marketplace will suffer.

Better marketing means (ideally) that a wider variety of shops and items will get visibility and sales, thus leading to more success for more people. That, in turn, is success for Etsy.

At the end of the day, Etsy is a business and they must be profitable in order to continue providing their services. Services you as a seller rely on for your business. They must make decisions that benefit their bottom line without alienating the majority of their sellers. Sellers are, as mentioned earlier, a huge part of that bottom line.

Etsy’s data says Treasuries are ineffective, and that’s simply how business goes. Trends change and people shop differently, using different features.

Etsy Removes Treasuries

So what can a seller do?

If you did rely heavily on Treasuries for your marketing, I would encourage you to do a quick Google search of “Etsy marketing tips”. Maybe tack on the current year for the most relevant information. You definitely don’t want 5 year old SEO strategies. Of course some tips will be timeless, like “take quality photos”. Do your research and use your common sense, and you’ll be just fine.

Here’s just a sampling of Etsy marketing tips, none of which include Treasuries:

Etsy Seller Handbook

The Etsy Seller Handbook has always been a great source of information for new sellers and veterans alike. They cover many aspects of the seller journey. And if anyone is going to tell you how to use a platform, it might as well be the people who made it.

Top 10 Marketing Tips From Full-Time Etsy Sellers

Successful sellers have just as much authority as Etsy admins when it comes to marketing tips. They’ve been where you are, and they want to help you succeed.

9 Tips for Selling on Etsy: Avoid Common Seller Mistakes

These are just that, common mistakes we’ve all seen around Etsy.

The Best (and Most Underrated) Marketing Tool on Etsy

Here’s an insanely simple, yet effective idea for getting your items in front of the people who already admire your shop.

13 Etsy SEO Tips to Get Your Products Found

This is a solid round-up of common SEO best-practices for Etsy. These tips are repeated all over the Etsy-marketing world and for good reason.

Again, you’ll see that none of these articles even mention Treasuries. It’s not hard to see why Etsy decided to remove them, when there are so many more effective ways to market.

Final Thoughts on Etsy Removing Treasuries

A feature is not effective because a small number of people enjoy it. One has to look at the size of a site like Etsy and realize that 2,000 people is a drop in the big-ass bucket. Hard data and real numbers about how people use the site are the best way for Etsy to make decisions.

In the future, it would be great for Etsy to actually show us the data. I feel like this would eliminate a lot of confusion and conspiracy-theorizing. But do keep in mind:

It’s highly unlikely that Etsy has no regard for it’s sellers. Sellers drive the Etsy marketplace and make Etsy money. They are important; the easier it is for them to sell, the better. There’s no reason for Etsy to not want every seller to be as successful as possible.

Finally, there are many available to sellers with regards to marketing when Etsy removes Treasuries. I’ll be excited to see what new seller tools Etsy decides to roll out in the future. Hopefully they include easy ways to implement some of the best practices linked above.

Pin this article with the image below for reference later:

Etsy Removes Treasuries

How do you feel about the decision? Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


Celia Agnes Journal Prompts

Journal Prompt: What’s Influenced Your Concept of Home?

Happy fall! We’re about to wrap up our September theme of Home. Did you take action on the lists you made last week?

Anecdote: I can’t count the number of times I skipped the m in home while typing. This has made for some fascinating sentences if you look back.

But now let’s a get (a little) more serious for this week’s journal prompt. We’re gonna dig deep for this last one.

What has your home been like in the past?

Our past experiences influence our present perspectives. It’s how we learn, and it’s one way our brains try to keep us safe. Thanks, brain.

But sometimes it bites us in the ass, guys. Sometimes it keeps us from trying new things, because we learned that we can fail. And that feels bad. Good effort, brain.

How does this apply to our homes? Well, let’s take a step back and think about our past homes. Not just ~childhood~, but all our past living situations.

Try listing out your past homes in separate columns, then make a list under each one of the good & bad you experienced there. Lists on lists. πŸ˜‰ Here are some thoughts to get you started.

  • Were you respected, supported, encouraged?
  • Was it clean and organized (to your standards, we aren’t all Marie Kondo)?
  • Were your housemates good influences?

And so on.

There might be a situation here you could rant about for pages. That’s okay. Please do, a nice word-vomit it great for the brain.

Maybe it was a really positive experience and you’d like to gush about that. Also fine. πŸ™‚

How might this be influencing your concept of home?

Now, let’s look at this month’s past prompts.

Do your answers correlate with your response this week? I think they just might.

If you’ve had positive experiences, you probably try to replicate them. You might seek out similar housemates or living situations to the ones that gave you respect and joy before.

Positive people tend to (again: tend to) have positive circles. You may have made some good connections, growing your own positive influences, and your cycle of Good continues (for the most part, life has to keep you frosty after all).

If you had a negative experience in the past you, you might find one of these situations to be true:

  • Your brain tells you that this is all you’re capable of, or what you deserve.
    • You feel stuck, or in a rut, but feel unable to achieve what you actually want.
  • Your brain said “never again.”
    • You overcompensate; trying to achieve the opposite of the negativity. But overcompensating is stressful, and might not even lead you to your goals.

There are many mutations of these scenarios and yours will be unique to you.

Celia Agnes Journal Prompts

What can you do?

Now, look at your response to September’s prompts again. In those pages, you might see some patterns. Repeated phrases or emotions. Let’s use those to set some actionable, achievable goals. Little wins make you feel good, and they add up to be big changes.

Find the patterns.

  • What emotions do you keep feeling about your home?
  • About the concept of Home in general?

Analyze them.

  • Are you used to feeling that way, based on your past?
  • I.e., has your brain been conditioned to feel this way in an attempt to keep you safe (or to keep your feelings from being hurt?)
  • Do these feelings apply to your present home?
  • Could you be repeating negative patterns?
  • Could you be looking for negativity and ignoring the positive?

Make goals.

  • Change one thing every day, every week, or every month if you need to.
  • You can start slow and add on as you go.
  • Put them in your calendar, planner, journal: something you look at everyday to remind yourself.

Talk about it.

  • If you have a family or housemates, talk to them. No one likes to be surprised with changes to their living situation.
  • They can help keep you accountable & motivated for your goals, and talk through interpersonal issues if that’s a problem.
  • Remember that people are allowed to have issues with you, as well.
  • Try to remain calm and objective in your discussions.
  • Most problems aren’t the end of the world, and often both parties have had a hand in interpersonal troubles.
  • Also, talk to someone outside your home. A close friend, a counselor.
  • An objective perspective (hey-o!) is an important tool.


Remember that what works for someone else, might not work for you. And what works for you, might not work for someone else. We all have different needs and priorities. If you can enjoy yourself most days, and make progress towards your personal goals, you’ve got a good start.

I know these topics can be not fun, or painful even, to address. But I do think it’s important to be happy in your home. Home is your headquarters, your haven, your place to be authentically you. A healthy base-of-operations can open doors and cushion you from the negativity in the world, allowing you to be your best self.

Have you been following along with these prompts? Learned anything new? Does something here not resonate with you? I’d love to hear in the comments, thank you so much for reading.


Celia Agnes Art Journal Prompts

Art Journal Prompt: Someone (or Thing) You Take Care Of

Working in my art journal as often as possible helps me keep my creativity topped up. There’s no pressure for things to be perfect, and that often results in happy accidents. Those happy accidents inspire a lot of finished work for me. That’s why I share art journal prompts. A little starting inspiration helps conquer the blank page. πŸ™‚


Celia Agnes Art Journal Prompts

The prompt for this Friday is:

Something or someone you take care of in your home.

This could be so many different things.

  • Your pet
  • A plant
  • A loved one
  • Yourself

It might be your car. No wrong answers. πŸ˜€

Think about how you care for your subject, why you do it, and how it makes you feel. You might feel overwhelmed caring for a family member, and that’s okay. Your page doesn’t have to be full of rainbows.

Maybe waxing that car lights you up inside. That’s fine, too.

Remember that your art journal doesn’t have to involve fancy drawing. If you love photography, try printing out a photo of your subject and adding some writing or simple shapes. Grab some magazines and do a collage. In the end, all that matters is that you get the point. It’s your journal and no one else needs to see it unless you say so.

I hope you make time to get into your art journal this week. Show me what you make by tagging me @ceiltastic on Instagram, sharing it to my Facebook page, or simply email me.

I Hate My House: Journal Prompt

I Hate My House: Improve Your Home with Brainstorming

“I hate my house.”

I think a lot of us have lived somewhere we felt the need to state this. This week’s journal prompt will help you find a way to deal with negative feelings towards your home. Continue reading

Art Journal Prompt September

Art Journal Prompt: September 16, 2016

Friday brings us a new art journal prompt to work with. I hope you enjoyed last week’s prompt and made something beautiful. This week, we’ll take a look at another tiny joy tucked away in our home. Continue reading