My name is Celia and I like to draw stuff. I work both traditionally and digitally,  focusing on texture, color play, and shapes.

There is something very beautiful to me about the way paint mixes and the soft marks made by pencils. And don’t get me started on the soothing sound of paint brushes swishing in a jar of water.

With each piece, I try to invoke our childhood wonder of creation. I aim to recapture the magic we felt then, when we made things just to make and explore our imagination.

I am inspired by the natural world just as much as mystical tales and spiritual practices around the globe. The concepts of self love and healing often make their way into my work as well.

I currently live in wonderful Denton, Texas with my husband, Josh, and our cat-son, Omelette.

You can find me on Instagram @celiaagnesartwork, or contact me directly at at celia@celiaagnes.com.