Reframing Death in a Positive Light: Free Printable Wall Art

“Reframing”? See what I did there? You can groan, that’s fine. I would.

Now originally, I was searching for some Halloween-y quotes and poems for a little typography experiment. Once you get into ghosts, spirits, graveyards, ~nighttime~, etc., you eventually run into thoughts on death. While some leaned toward the more solemn or even depressive end of the spectrum, I found several quotes and poems on death that were really, really positive.

So positive in fact that I thought, “I would hang that on my wall as a lovely reminder in my most anxious moments.”

That may be odd to some people, or even “not helpful at all, Celia. Let’s stick to the candy and costumes and pretty leaves.” Fair enough, man, fair enough. I will hook you up next time, friend.

Take a look at the preview below, then find download instructions after the image.

Positive Death Quotes Celia AgnesFree Printable Wall Art Download

Choose a printable below, or all 3. 🙂

Each is 8″ x 10.5″ at 300 DPI, so they will print out crisp and clear on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. They will have a quarter-inch border all around for easy matting. I highly recommend using quality, thick paper; like a card stock. If you have archival-quality ink in your printer, even better.

But, neither of those are necessary of course. If you like it, print it out & hang it up. Easy as that.

What the heck does that Latin mean?

You may be wondering what that quote from Horace means. “Pulvis et umbra sumus” means “we are dust and shadow.” I think that fits beautifully with the Carl Sagan quote “We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself,” which is one of my favorites.

I named the file in English so you won’t forget. 😀

Make A Zine to Showcase Your Work

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DIY Mini Journal from One Sheet of Paper

Yup. It is possible to make a DIY mini journal from just one single sheet of paper. I’m trying to whittle away every last excuse you have for not starting some type of journaling. 🙂

These tiny booklets are versatile little things. They are great for recording your day, either in words or pictures. A seven day week fits inside perfectly, with room for a front or back cover. You can even print your digital work on them beforehand, then fold them into small zines or brochures. Wouldn’t that be an adorable freebie for your clients or customers? I would be stoked on 8 little pages from my favorite artist.

DIY Mini JournalDIY Mini Journal

DIY Mini Journal Supplies

  • One sheet of paper, any size or type.
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • Ruler if you’re using a knife
  • Optional glue stick, adhesive roller, or tape if you want to seal the pages
  • Optional deco like washi tape, stickers, labels etc.

Keep in mind that this is not perfect bookbinding. The paper will get slightly distorted from folding. You can trim the edges when you’re done. Or you can embrace the mild chaos. It’s up to you.

Thicker papers will show distortion a lot more. You can fudge the pages around in the last step to get them to lie better. Just keep that in mind if you decide to print on thicker papers.

DIY Mini Journal

Step One

Fold the paper short ways. Hamburger style. Unfold and recrease in the opposite direction, like origami. Unfold.

DIY Mini Journal

Step Two

Fold the paper long ways. Hotdog style. Unfold and recrease in the opposite direction. Keep it folded.

DIY Mini Journal

DIY Mini Journal

Step Three

Fold one end to the middle crease. Unfold and recrease in the opposite direction. Repeat on the opposite end. Unfold.

DIY Mini Journal


Step Four

Fold the paper short ways, hamburger style, again. There will be a crease down the center. Starting at the creased edge of your hamburger, cut to the middle of the center crease. This partial cut allows you to make the book. Unfold.

one-page-art-step-6DIY Mini JournalDIY Mini Journalone-page-art-step-9

Step Five

Fold the paper long ways, hotdog style, again. Push the ends towards each other. The paper will start to buckle up. Finesse the pages in to a book as show.

Boom. You can stop here if you like and get to filling in your new journal. You can stick the open side together to form more solid pages. Or you can hide secret drawings between them. *wiggly fingers*

Are you making one of these? I would love to see it. Tag me @ceiltastic on Instagram and Twitter, or post to the Celia Agnes Facebook page.

DIY Mini Journal

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