Start Art Journaling: 5 Prompts To Get You Started

You can start art journaling anytime, anywhere. Even if you only have one piece of paper. But even if you have a whole fancy journal, where do you start? If you need a bit of inspiration, here are 5 art journal prompts to get you started.

The first 3 are very specific. If you think you can’t draw or make things, or you haven’t for a while, these prompts will help you start art journaling without fear.

The last two prompts are a bit more open. They can be as complicated or as simple as you want. I hope you can use some ideas from the previous prompts if you get stuck. 🙂

Fill a page with triangles.

  • Draw them.
  • Paint them.
  • Cut them out of pretty tape or junk mail and glue them in.
  • Or do all of that at once. 🙂

Grab a newspaper, junk mail, magazine, or anything with big letters.

  • Pick some of your favorite words.
  • Outline these words by hand on the next page.
  • You can slide the words under your work and trace if you like.
  • Fill up the entire page. The more fonts the better.
  • Then, fill them up with color or patterns.

Start Art Journaling

Make 5 circles on the next page.

  • Now find a favorite poem, long quote, book passage, etc. online or in person.
  • Fill in the space around the circles by copying your chosen text.

Start Art Journaling

Make lots of sheet ghosts in fancy sheets next.

Make a rainy day on your last page.

And that’s all! I hope you found these prompts easy and inspirational. If you make them, please let me see! Tag me @ceiltastic on Instagram and Twitter.

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Start Art Journaling