Easy Custom T-Shirt: Doodle on Your Tee

Easy Custom T-Shirt

Here’s an easy custom t-shirt option. I love wearing clothes that are perfectly “me”, but they can be pretty hard to find. That’s especially true since I’ve decided to only shop thrift or sew my own clothes. However, there is plenty of potential in a good ol’ white tee. All you really need is a fabric marker, and a few household items I think every crafter probably has. 🙂

Easy Custom T-Shirt Supplies

Easy Custom T-Shirt Supplies:
  • Plain white tee (or any light color)
  • Fabric marker (any fine-tip, permanent one will do)
  • Plain paper
  • Bold permanent marker
  • Ball Point Pins

Easy Custom T-Shirt Sketch

Step one:

I began by sketching out my design. Start in pencil if you like, but really you can go straight in with your bold pen. It doesn’t matter if you mess up, just don’t trace over that part on your shirt. 🙂 You’ll see I didn’t use any of the smaller mountain lines in my final design.

Easy Custom T-Shirt

Step two:

Lay out your shirt nice and flat. 🙂

Easy Custom T-Shirt Placement

Step three:

Next, slide your sketch between the layers. Adjust it until you’re happy with the placement. Then pin it in place so it won’t move around on you.

Easy Custom T-Shirt Trace

Step four:

Now trace gently over your sketch using your fabric marker. I found it easiest to go with the “grain” of the t-shirt (up, in my case). Also, I used more of a dotting motion rather than dragging the marker along the lines. This results in a light image, so definitely go over your work a second time. Then your lines will be nice and bold. 🙂

Easy Custom T-Shirt Set

Step five:

Always heat set your work! Most markers come with instructions for heat setting. But basically, use the heat setting called for on your t-shirt’s care label. Then, move the iron around all over your image for a minute or so. This step is very important so that your shirt can be washed normally. Make sure to get your entire drawing. I also use a pressing cloth (or, another t-shirt haha) just to extra-avoid scorching anything. 🙂

Easy Custom T-Shirt Final

And you’re all good to go! I have to say I really love how this came out. I wore this shirt to the farmer’s market with some cut-offs, and I may or may not be wearing it as I type this. 🙂

Have you ever drawn on your clothes before? If you make something similar, I would love to see it! Tag @ceiltastic on Instagram.

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