DIY Festival Top, No-Sew

DIY Festival Top

As much as I like to be warm, I’m not a hot-weather person (just check out that, um, “fair” complexion). So when it gets above 90, I want to live in the fridge and look up fall desserts, or maybe photos of snowy mountains. But some of us like to party in the literal desert. Or the humid forest. So this DIY festival top is with you in mind. 🙂

DIY Festival Top

DIY Festival Top Supplies:

  • A tshirt or muscle tee, any size will work. Mine happened to be a kids shirt. A too-big shirt will work too.
  • Scissors

I know, supply-intensive right? And because this DIY will take you all of 10 minutes, your excuses are evaporating.

DIY Festival Top

Step one:

First, layout your tee all nice and flat.

DIY Festival TopDIY Festival Top

Step two:

Then, if you like, lay a halter top that fits you over the tee as a guide. Or just free-hand it. Either way, trim off the sleeves and make a nice scoop up to the collar. Go through both layers. Just make sure you leave a solid 1-inch piece at the thinnest point.

DIY Festival Top

Step three:

Next, flip your tee over, and make a horizontal cut through the top layer (closest to you) only. Start where the arm holes end and give it a little scoop action. 🙂


Step four:

Now make the straps that will tie behind your neck. Cut up vertically from your back-scoop to the collar. Meet up with the cuts you made on the front, again making sure that your strap is at least 1-inch thick at it’s thinnest. I flared out the ends of my straps, but you do you.

DIY Festival Top DIY Festival Top

Step five:

Next, stretch out the fabric along ALL your cuts. The edges will roll up and give you a more finished look without sewing. 🙂 You can pull pretty hard, just be gentle on the seams at the collar. Your top will stretch A LOT, but don’t freak out, we’ll make it tighter in the next step.

DIY Festival Top

Step 6:

Then from the center back, measure down about 2-inches and cut horizontally across the whole back. Cut just to the side seams, and only through the top layer (closest to you). Then cut this new strip in half. Stretch these out like you did in the last step. You’ll use these back straps to tighten the body of your top to your liking. This is why this tutorial will work with any size shirt, you can simply adjust the fit with these straps. 🙂

DIY Festival Top

Finally, try it on, tie it up, and you’re all done! I’m going to make a few more of these and experiment a little with the strap and fringe size. It’s definitely hot enough now to have a few these on hand. Happy summer!

DIY Festival Top


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