Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

I use frame mock-ups every day in product photos for my art prints and digital downloads. They make my workload infinitely lighter by not making me print and mat and frame and hang and photo every single piece I make. πŸ™‚

But the ones I’ve found were in odd sizes, at least for me. My watercolor paper is 9″ x 12″ (3:4 aspect ratio). I like to work at 8″ x 10″ (or another 4:5 aspect ratio) for digital.

Few files let you change the colors, and what if you’re feelin’ a bubblegum-pink mat?

So I’ve made my own frame mock-ups to suit those sizes. I loved making them and decided I would share the fully-editable .PSD files with you.

I will continue to update and add to this post as I make more frames. Check back soon!

Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

Below are two examples; first is the standard white the files come in, second is with the mat and frame customized. The download includes both portrait and landscape frames.

Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups Free Editable .PSD Frame Mock-ups

Download the Files

A how-to and license are included in the download. I hope you find them useful and enjoy! As always, please follow me on social media for my daily art adventures, and subscribe to the newsletter for shop promo codes and other special offers. Thanks for reading!

October 2016: Treats

You guessed it; this October’s theme is Treats. Now, before you roll your eyes (or if you already did – I see you back there), hear me out. I won’t be talking about just candy and snacks, but all the ways we reward ourselves and others. We’re gonna get deep into the treats. And candy, and snacks.

This page will serve as your dashboard for October, collecting all the prompts and free stuff that I share throughout the month in one neat space. Bookmark this page for later, and check back as often as you like.


I share both writing (Mondays) and art prompts (Fridays).

Working in journals has helped me immensely over the past few years. I am growing as a person, and my creativity flows easier. After writing a few paragraphs, making some lists, or washing colors over a page, I feel much lighter. My brain even likes to remind me when I’ve been skipping out on my journals, in fun ways like anxiety and irritability.

These prompts mix the serious in with the fun; you might as well make cute things while you soul-search.

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Art Journal Prompts

Art journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Free Goods

I think everyone likes a nice free thing, so I do my best to share stuff that you will actually want to print out and use. πŸ™‚ You can expect to see things like printable wall art, collage sheets, coloring pages, journal papers, etc.

Adventures in Art #1

Adventures in Art is an ongoing series where I document all the creative things I’ve been up to. πŸ™‚

This post contains affiliate links to CreativeBug. If you sign up for their service through my link, I earn a small commission. I only recommend services I find valuable.

I got some new watercolor papers.

And I’m really excited to try them out. I have always used Arches but I found this brand called Bee Paper (check out that crazy website) at Michaels. It’s exactly the size I need for a series of mini paintings so I figured I’d try it out.

I got the Canson watercolor sketchbook because I’ve been wanting to add watercolor to my sketches, but my current sketchbooks don’t have heavy paper in them. I have two other sketchbooks specifically for watercolor but they only have a few pages left in each one. Also, my skill level has gone up since starting those (yay) so I thought it was time for a fresh start.

Honestly I don’t think the Canson paper will be the greatest quality, but that’s why it’s just for sketching. Maybe I’ll be surprised. πŸ™‚

Art Journal Paper

I joined CreativeBug.

I heard Jamie Ridler mention CreativeBug in a Behind the Scenes episode. I really loved the all-over doodle spread she made, but I put off joining. Last week I decided I was worth the $5/month investment. πŸ˜‰ Annnd I’m really happy with it so far.

I did take Lisa Congdon’s class, and the results were amazing. I had previously thought that since I “knew how to draw,” a drawing class wouldn’t benefit me much. But I was totally wrong. It was so nice having someone explain their method to me, and to then have a new way to use my own drawing style.

Creative Bug ProjectCreative Bug Project

Next, I started this Daily Drawing Challenge by Pam Garrison. I’ve only done day 1 as of now but it let me get my Halloween on with the lollipop prompt.

Creative Bug Project

I’ve been drawing more in general.

A new living situation has given me much more creative time. I can work on personal projects and make things to sell, and have time to promote myself too. It is seriously a dream come true. πŸ™‚

Daily Drawing Daily Drawing Daily Drawing

And lastly, a reminder that not everything you make has to be a masterpiece.

The other night I wanted to make something simple and without expectations. So I made some new toys for Omelette. He may not look impressed in these pictures (I cut his food down today because that fluffy belly is getting a bit too fluffy), but he definitely gave these a good batting around the apartment.

Taking the pressure off once in a while is fun, and lets you try new things. I wouldn’t normally crochet with three strands of yarn at once. But, it ended up making a tough, durable ball. Perfect for claws. πŸ™‚

Celia Agnes Cat celia-agnes-cat-toys-2

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September’s Theme & Fall Posting Schedule

Hello my dear readers. Today I wanted to quickly share with you the theme behind September’s posts. Also, I wanted to let you know what the fall schedule will look like.


Every month here on the blog has a theme behind it. It drives all the journal prompts and extra goodies that I create for you guys. Themes also help me stay organized, and take the anxiety out of I-have-no-idea-what-to-write-about Syndrome. πŸ™‚

September’s theme is Home. This month’s journal prompts explore our physical spaces. They will challenge our preconceived notions of home, and encourage us to take a closer look at the things we make take for granted.

I also have some home and house themed goodies planned for this month – but those will remain a surprise.

Celia Agnes

The Fall Schedule

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see on Celia Agnes from September through November.

  • Mondays: Writing journal prompt
    • Something to think about & explore in your journal
  • Tuesdays: Adventures in Art
    • A look at what I’ve been working on this week
  • Wednesdays: New products
    • Official release of new journaling products, classes, etc.
  • Thursdays: Creative development
    • Tutorials for new skills and thoughts on creativity
  • Fridays: Art journal prompt
    • Something to inspire you to work in your art journal
  • Saturday: FreebiesΒ  & Printables
    • Fun stuff like coloring pages, and free sample packs of journaling stuff πŸ™‚
  • Sundays: Newsletter

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Need Art Inspiration? Here are 5 Incredible Illustrators

I’m very good at killing time by looking at other people’s beautiful work. Instead of working on my own. But sometimes you just gotta refill the creative well. Here are 5 of my favorite artists for you to enjoy. I hope they inspire you to try a new style, a new medium, or experiment with color. πŸ™‚

Art Inspiration, Frannerd Art Inspiration, Frannerd Art Inspiration, Frannerd


Fran Meneses (aka Frannerd) is a hero of the illustration world. She’s talented, and she shares her freelance experience, resources, and motivation on her YouTube channel. Also, has a beautiful Etsy shop where you can purchase her prints and stickers. Be like Fran.

Art Inspiration, Maruti Bitamin Art Inspiration, Maruti Bitamin Art Inspiration, Maruti Bitamin

Maruti Bitamin

If you enjoy watercolor, check out Maruti Bitamin. Her illustrations are colorful and ethereal. Also, she works both tightly and loosely with equal success. See some of her tutorials andΒ  resources here.

Art Inspiration, Matt Forsythe Art Inspiration, Matt Forsythe Art Inspiration, Matt Forsythe

Matt Forsythe

You might recognize Matt Forsythe’s work, he’s illustrated for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. He was also the lead character designer & lead prop designer on Adventure Time from 2013-2015.

Art Inspiration, Brett Manning Art Inspiration, Brett Manning Art Inspiration, Brett Manning

Brett Manning

Brett Manning (aka BrettisaGirl) creates gorgeous surrealist paintings. Her work is a beautiful trip through pop-culture and feminist themes, all wrapped in her signature dream-state style. Brett is especially prolific, so there’s always new weird and wonderful pieces to enjoy from her.

Art Inspiration, Asja Boros Art Inspiration, Asja Boros Art Inspiration, Asja Boros

Asja Boros

Asja Boros has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Her colorful, loose ink works are a fresh take on intuitive painting. And, she has a YouTube channel where she explains her process in wonderful detail. Her videos are a fascinating peek inside the creative brain.

I have many more artists to share with you guys, so I’m going to make this an on-going series. I hope these first 5 illustrators gave you some art inspiration, and that you try something new.

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