Meet Illustrator & Blogger Celia Agnes


Hey there! I’m Celia Agnes. It’s so nice to meet you. 🙂 I’m a freelance illustrator currently based in Denton, TX. I live in a little apartment with my partner and our cat, just like Real People.

What’s this blog all about?

I call Celia Agnes a creative lifestyle blog, and it is that. But when I say “creative,” I mean anyone who does anything with ingenuity and passion.

It took me a while to figure out that it’s okay to like what I like. I don’t have to fit myself into a little box with a little label on it. I’d like to help other Creative Persons come out of their little boxes, too. Then we can learn stuff & create lovely lives together.

This is partly because I like peeking at what other people are doing. 🙂 But it’s largely because I want people to be happier and kinder.

How does art help people?

I think creating things helps humans feel better about themselves, and that makes the rest of life a lot better. Although my personal focus is on illustration and design, you lovely readers can apply the things I write and talk about to your own craft. It doesn’t matter whether you lay bricks or care for a family of 5, you are still creating something special and worthwhile. I guarantee there is someone who wishes they could do the thing as well as you.

What kinds of posts will I find on Celia Agnes?

I share:

  • journal prompts for both written and art journals
  • craft tutorials for all levels of crafters
  • tutorials and mini-courses on my favorite ways to create (watercolor, crochet, embroidery, diy fashion)
  • a candid look at my freelance journey & behind the scenes of the blog
  • thoughts about happiness and mental health
  • freebies like printables and coloring pages
  • products like collage sheets, crochet patterns, art prints, and of course my illustration services.

I also send out a newsletter on Sundays. Members get discount codes for my offerings, exclusive previews of things to come, and special opportunities to collaborate with me.