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October 2016: Treats

You guessed it; this October’s theme is Treats. Now, before you roll your eyes (or if you already did – I see you back there), hear me out. I won’t be talking about just candy and snacks, but all the ways we reward ourselves and others. We’re gonna get deep into the treats. And candy, and snacks.

This page will serve as your dashboard for October, collecting all the prompts and free stuff that I share throughout the month in one neat space. Bookmark this page for later, and check back as often as you like.


I share both writing (Mondays) and art prompts (Fridays).

Working in journals has helped me immensely over the past few years. I am growing as a person, and my creativity flows easier. After writing a few paragraphs, making some lists, or washing colors over a page, I feel much lighter. My brain even likes to remind me when I’ve been skipping out on my journals, in fun ways like anxiety and irritability.

These prompts mix the serious in with the fun; you might as well make cute things while you soul-search.

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Art Journal Prompts

Art journal prompts will be added here as they are posted.

Free Goods

I think everyone likes a nice free thing, so I do my best to share stuff that you will actually want to print out and use. 🙂 You can expect to see things like printable wall art, collage sheets, coloring pages, journal papers, etc.

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