Celia Agnes Art Journal Prompts

Art Journal Prompt: Someone (or Thing) You Take Care Of

Working in my art journal as often as possible helps me keep my creativity topped up. There’s no pressure for things to be perfect, and that often results in happy accidents. Those happy accidents inspire a lot of finished work for me. That’s why I share art journal prompts. A little starting inspiration helps conquer the blank page. 🙂


Celia Agnes Art Journal Prompts

The prompt for this Friday is:

Something or someone you take care of in your home.

This could be so many different things.

  • Your pet
  • A plant
  • A loved one
  • Yourself

It might be your car. No wrong answers. 😀

Think about how you care for your subject, why you do it, and how it makes you feel. You might feel overwhelmed caring for a family member, and that’s okay. Your page doesn’t have to be full of rainbows.

Maybe waxing that car lights you up inside. That’s fine, too.

Remember that your art journal doesn’t have to involve fancy drawing. If you love photography, try printing out a photo of your subject and adding some writing or simple shapes. Grab some magazines and do a collage. In the end, all that matters is that you get the point. It’s your journal and no one else needs to see it unless you say so.

I hope you make time to get into your art journal this week. Show me what you make by tagging me @ceiltastic on Instagram, sharing it to my Facebook page, or simply email me.

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