I Hate My House: Improve Your Home with Brainstorming

“I hate my house.”

I think a lot of us have lived somewhere we felt the need to state this. This week’s journal prompt will help you find a way to deal with negative feelings towards your home.

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I Hate My House: Journal Prompt

First, let’s do a little brain-dump.

Answer these questions rapid-fire. Write whatever pops into your head first.

  • What do you hate?
    • The way it looks? The size? The price?
  • Why do you hate it
    • Is it just not your style? Not up to your expectations? Does it just bother you for no real reason?

Now, stop and look back over what you wrote. Are any of your reasons good enough to get upset over? They might be, like if your house is putting financial strain on you or your family.

But some reasons, like superficial concerns, might not be worth your energy. Can you re-frame what you tell yourself about your home? Is it really god-awful?

When I think something is “ugly,” I find that taking photos of it helps me appreciate the thing more. Finding the beauty and all that. A little morning light and a bit of photo-editing can do wonders.

But you don’t have to live with something you hate, either. If you simply can’t find the beauty in your home, try the following questions.

What can you do to improve your home?

You, personally. Make a list of ideas in your journal. Here are some to start:

  • Throw some paint on it
  • Add plants
  • Go to your favorite home store (thrift store, etc.) and pick up a few new shiny things.
  • Hang up some art; Etsy is a wealth of both printable and original art.

How can you improve your home without spending money?

Now, we don’t all have the disposable income to throw money at our design woes. 🙂 Even if you do, try making a list of free things you can do to spruce up your space. Like:

  • Getting leftover paint (it fixes everything, try it) from friends or family
  • Purge & reorganize; you can even make money with a yard sale if you like
  • Do a deep clean; like scrub-the-baseboards deep. Try homemade cleaners.
  • Learn some color theory and use it to reorganize your space. You probably already have pieces to fit a color scheme, they just might be hiding in other rooms.

I hope you can use these lists and thought-examinations to conquer the “I hate my house” dilemma for good. You’re fortunate to have a house to hate, afterall. 😉

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I Hate My House: Journal Prompt


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