Art Journal Prompt September

Art Journal Prompt: September 16, 2016

Friday brings us a new art journal prompt to work with. I hope you enjoyed last week’s prompt and made something beautiful. This week, we’ll take a look at another tiny joy tucked away in our home.

art journal prompt

Art Journal Prompt

This time, please be inspired by your personal space. The place where you go to recharge, rest, and create. Maybe you bake in your kitchen or lock yourself away in your bedroom to color. Your space could simply be your shower or bathtub. 🙂

Whatever spot you choose, let it inspire your journal page. You can of course sketch out the whole area if you want. Maybe you really love that wallpaper or tile pattern, and you want to repeat that all over your spread. You can simply use the colors in that space to make a lovely abstract.

Your space may be bright and airy. You might find inspiration next to dark furniture and old things. The mood in your space is unique to you, and all these things can help guide your art journaling.

You can choose to be intuitive or literal in your representation of your space, it’s up to you. If it seems right, then it probably is (in your journal, anyway).
art journal prompt

All done?

Once you’re finished with your journal page, I would love to see it! I’ll feature some of your creations at the end of next week’s art journal prompt. So tag me on Instagram @ceiltastic, or email a photo of your work to with the subject Art Prompt 9/16. Your space might be featured. 🙂

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