Journal Prompt: September 12, 2016

Today is Monday, so here is another journal prompt for you to dig into. This month’s prompts all tie together; go check out last week’s if you missed it.

The beginning of the week seems like a good time to start a fresh journal page, right? So let’s get started.

Writing not your thing? Maybe an art journal is for you.

This Week’s Journal Prompt

What kind of home do you want?

You can describe a physical home if you want to start there. Maybe you have a specific dream house you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you already live in your perfect place. 🙂 After you’ve written this down, think about why you want that home (even if you already live in it).

  • Is it a better option for you/your family? Why?
  • Did you fall in love with this place a long time ago? When? And what makes you love it?
  • Do you just feel like it’s the next “step up” for you? Do you need that specifically in order to feel content?

Journal Prompts for Home

Next, think about what kind of environment you want to live in.

  • Do you need to be around animal lovers?
  • Or people who enjoy kids?
  • Do you need a specific kind of support and friendship? Think about your lifestyle & values.
  • Maybe you’re trying to accomplish something and you would like to be around people who motivate you.

Again, think about why you want that environment. Be specific about what you want and need from life. I hope you’re already surrounded by people who truly value you and what you do. 🙂 But if not..

Try to brainstorm some solutions.

Could you talk about yourself, your life, or your work more positively? Or more in depth? Are you letting people know about your accomplishments? They don’t have to be awards. It can be something as simple as a little moment of joy, or completing that project you were working on.

Sometimes, no matter how positive you are or how well you do, certain people just like to put others down. They can disguise it as trying to help you: does “I’m just being realistic,” sound familiar? You may have even said something like this before. Were you trying to help, or were you doubting that person without much context?

Is this person worth your extra energy? Be as objective as possible. Negativity can seep into your life no matter if you ignore or address it, and it can stop you from making the progress you need. Can you put some space between you and this person?

Journal Prompts for Home

You don’t need to have it all figured out.

This is the purpose of journaling, in my opinion: to learn. Explore your feelings, and what makes you feel those feelings. 🙂 They might be fleeting, and you might not feel the same way a week from now. But you can also uncover the sources of stress and emotional fatigue, which are important to address and work through.

I hope you’re enjoying this theme of “home”. It will continue for each journal prompt in the month of September. New journal prompts will be posted every Monday, and art journal prompts on Fridays.

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September Journal Prompt

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