Art Journal Prompt: September 9th, 2016

Every Friday, I offer a new art journal prompt for you to explore. These weekly art prompts are dual-purpose. They encourage you to show up to your art practice and create. They also serve to help you remember, appreciate, and work through different aspects of your life.feed-store

This week’s art journal prompt is:

Your front door or entrance.

Whether it’s a chippy farmhouse door or brand new and sleek, take a moment with the entrance to your home. You might brush past it everyday without thinking.

Doodle or paint it in your sketchbook, your lines don’t have to be straight. Maybe you’ll take some photos of it. Get a close up of the number, or lock. Include your key if you want.

And don’t forget to take in the big picture. Do you have plants around your entrance? Some nifty lighting? Step back and use all of this for your inspiration.

We’ll have another prompt next Friday, so you can take your time in your art journal and make something beautiful from your entrance.

All done?

Once you’re finished with your journal page, I would love to see it! I’ll feature some of your creations at the end of next week’s art journal prompt. So tag me on Instagram @ceiltastic, or email a photo of your work to with the subject Art Prompt 9/9. Your favorite thing might be featured. 🙂

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