Journal Prompt for Home | September 5, 2016

Every Monday, I share a journal prompt for you to work with in your written journal. These prompts give you a jump start on the old “What do I write about?” quandary. More importantly, they nudge you towards better understanding yourself & your life.

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This Week’s Journal Prompt

What kind of home do you live in?

Start by thinking about your physical home. That’s an easy one. We all live in different places, each one has it’s pros and cons. First, describe your home physically. Then expand to your neighborhood or town. What does it look like? What’s it made of? Where is it? What kind of people live around you?

Go further if:

  • you find yourself feeling resentful about your home (it’s age, condition, price, etc.)
  • you’re jealous of the home someone else has (like a neighbor or relative)

Are these problems threatening your life or your financial stability? If not, are these productive thoughts,or distractions from more important matters?

Journal Prompt

Next, think about the emotional state of your home. How do you feel when you’re at home? Happy? Drained? Try to stay objective. Just describe how you feel, without blaming yourself or others.

If you generally feel happy at home, try adding a gratitude page. List all the things, hobbies and people that bring you joy and support you.

If you don’t feel happy at home, think about why. Is there a pattern? Maybe it’s only on certain days? Is it all the time? Not just at home, but work, school, etc.? Throw down all the possible reasons.

Write in your journal until you feel some sort of resolution with any problems you came across. You don’t need to have it all figured out right now, you just want to feel a little weight lifted.

Helpful questions to ask:

  • Will this thing matter tomorrow? Next week? In a year?
  • Is this thing putting me at physical risk?
  • Does this thing impact my emotional state?
    • If it does, can I look at it a different way? Can I tell myself a different (but true) story about this?
  • Do my reactions to this thing negatively impact others around me?
    • What can I do about that so we both feel better? Don’t sacrifice your happiness or bottle things up.

I hope this prompted (ha! oh, me) you to look a little deeper at your home life, and if everything isn’t gumdrops and ice cream to start working through it.

This theme of “home” will continue for each journal prompt in the month of September. New journal prompts will be posted every Monday, and art journal prompts on Fridays.

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