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September’s Theme & Fall Posting Schedule

Hello my dear readers. Today I wanted to quickly share with you the theme behind September’s posts. Also, I wanted to let you know what the fall schedule will look like.


Every month here on the blog has a theme behind it. It drives all the journal prompts and extra goodies that I create for you guys. Themes also help me stay organized, and take the anxiety out of I-have-no-idea-what-to-write-about Syndrome. 🙂

September’s theme is Home. This month’s journal prompts explore our physical spaces. They will challenge our preconceived notions of home, and encourage us to take a closer look at the things we make take for granted.

I also have some home and house themed goodies planned for this month – but those will remain a surprise.

Celia Agnes

The Fall Schedule

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see on Celia Agnes from September through November.

  • Mondays: Writing journal prompt
    • Something to think about & explore in your journal
  • Tuesdays: Adventures in Art
    • A look at what I’ve been working on this week
  • Wednesdays: New products
    • Official release of new journaling products, classes, etc.
  • Thursdays: Creative development
    • Tutorials for new skills and thoughts on creativity
  • Fridays: Art journal prompt
    • Something to inspire you to work in your art journal
  • Saturday: Freebies  & Printables
    • Fun stuff like coloring pages, and free sample packs of journaling stuff 🙂
  • Sundays: Newsletter

Ready for more?

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